4 Smart Tips For Planning For An Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can make a great addition to your yard. It can create a warm and inviting place for people to gather in the evening and can become one of the focal points of your backyard design. With the right planning, an outdoor fireplace can bring more fun to your home.

Smart Tip #1: Consider Safety When Choosing Where to Place Your Fireplace

When it comes to setting up an outdoor fire location, you want to carefully consider where you can safely place the fireplace. You don't want your outdoor fire location to be too close to any nearby structures, whether they are your own structures or your neighbors.

You don't want to place your fireplace somewhere with poor ventilation, nor do you want to place your fireplace near anything that can easily catch fire. An outdoor fireplace or firepit can be safely constructed to prevent the spread of fire; however, you always want to err on the side of caution.

Smart Tip #2: Follow Fire Codes

Second, you need to make sure you are following fire codes regarding your outdoor fire area. Generally, you need a permit to build a permanent outdoor fire structure. Having standards is a good thing, as you want to keep things safe.

Smart Tip #3: Design a Fire-Safe Area

As you determine where you want your fireplace to go, you want to design an entire fire-safe area around it. If you design an outdoor fireplace, you are going to want to install a cement patio around the fireplace. If you go for a fire pit, you are going to want to put a circular cement patio or a paver patio around the firepit.

Limiting exposure to vegetation and anything else that can burn will allow you to create a space for your fireplace. Installing a patio around your outdoor fire area will also help establish your fire area and will help create a defined hang-out area around your new fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Smart Tip #4: Consider Storage

You are going to want to incorporate some storage near your new fire area. You are going to need somewhere to store the wood or propane that will fuel your fire area.

You are going to need somewhere to store items such as a grate, spark screen, and cooking utensils. If you have chairs around your fire area, you are going to want somewhere to store the cushions when it is raining. You also are going to want to store a fire extinguisher nearby.

You can build a storage shed or build seating that has storage incorporated within it. Just make sure you have somewhere to put all the fire accessories you will need to use.

When it comes to planning for an outdoor fire area, choose a location far away from your home and other structures. Build the structure with a cement or stone patio around it to reduce the risk of an accidental fire spreading and be sure to follow fire codes. Finally, consider adding a storage area to support the supplies you will need.

To learn more or to build a space for outdoor fires, contact a contractor.

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