Have Old Wood Siding Rotting On Your Home But Love The Look Of Wood? Look For Vinyl Siding Replacement Options

A house with wood siding that is in poor condition needs to be restored right away, and you don't have to sacrifice the traditional look of wood when you make the upgrade. You can get a faux wood product that is:

  • Less maintenance over time
  • Longer-lasting
  • Easier to install
  • More cost-efficient

This product is vinyl, and you will be able to choose the wood look that you want. Here are some of the things to consider when you start getting quotes for this project and before you start the removal process of the old siding.

Use Vinyl With a Wood Look

There are vinyl siding options that look like wood panels, shakes, and planks. The vinyl is reliable because it is:

  • Water-resistant and undamaged by moisture
  • Resilient against weathering
  • Does not fade from UV exposure
  • Not penetrated by pests like insects and rodents

This is a material that will last for decades on the exterior of your home and will not just protect it, but it will also look great.

Vinyl is also a very energy-efficient option for the property. Your heating and cooling costs should be lowered after the installation of the new siding on your own. There are even insulated vinyl siding possibilities for more savings.

Wrap the House

When removing the old wood siding, there may be damages present that need to be repaired before the new siding is put on. Once these repairs are needed, you will want to wrap the house with a protective vinyl wrap. This will help the house with energy efficiency and protects the home from water. This is something the siding replacement company should be able to do for you.

Ask About the Warranty Options

When you are getting estimates for this siding project, ask the contractors that will be doing the work about these warranties:

  • Product warranty for the vinyl wrap
  • Manufacturer warranty for the vinyl siding
  • Service warranty for the installation of these products

Look at the warranty options and what warranty is offered with each product when you are choosing what material to use on the exterior of your home.

There are so many options with vinyl siding, you can still get the charming look of real wood on the outside of your home with this high-quality and durable exterior siding option. With the quotes, you can decide which siding contractor and materials are the best for your home.

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