How To Control Termites So They Don't Damage Your Brand New House

New homes are built with materials treated to reduce the risk of termites, but that doesn't mean termites can't infest a brand new home. When you buy a home, it's wise to set up a termite monitoring and treatment plan right from the start so your investment in your property is protected.

Homes are always at risk of a termite problem since termites live in the soil and can be carried to your yard in mulch. Here are some pest control tips that help keep termites from destroying your new home.

Learn What Attracts Termites

Termites are attracted to wood whether it's wood debris in your yard or the wood building materials in your home. There are two basic kinds of termites: drywood and subterranean. Drywood termites can infest an old tree stump or piles of tree debris in your yard.

Subterranean termites live underground in the soil, and they need moisture to survive. These termites travel through mud tunnels that supply the moisture they need. While drywood termites are drawn to dry wood sources, subterranean termites are drawn to damp wood and areas of your home with high moisture.

Knowing this, you can reduce the risk of termites getting in your home by keeping mulch several inches from your house, getting rid of old tree stumps in the yard, moving piles of wood and branches away from the house, and repairing water damage in your home.

Work With A Termite Pest Control Company

A termite control company eliminates termites and monitors for them. Monitoring is important because termites can invade your home and cause damage without you being aware of it. Monitoring is usually done with stations buried in the ground with bait in them. The stations are checked regularly for signs that termites have been eating the bait.

When termite activity is spotted, the bait is switched with poison that works to eradicate the colony. However, getting rid of a termite colony doesn't keep termites away forever. That's why working with a pest control company is important. They can provide ongoing termite monitoring and control for as long as you maintain your contract.

Watch For Termite Activity

Stay alert for signs of termite activity both indoors and outside. Learn to recognize the signs of termite activity so you can let the pest control company know if you see them. The severity of termite problems varies from year to year based on things like weather conditions, so you may want to be especially alert during years with a lot of rainy weather.

While your pest control company picks up on signs of termites when checking bait stations, you can also watch for signs such as wings strewn around your house, tiny piles of wood shavings on the floor, and mud tunnels that cross your foundation.

By having a termite control plan in place, your home is always protected from the pests. With proper pest control, you won't have to worry about termite damage that affects the value of your home and requires expensive repairs on your new house.

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