Why Your Insurance Adjusters Should Start Using Estimate Software

As an insurance company,  getting accurate information from a loss site is of course very important to your bottom line. This is why you send adjusters out to inspect the sites in question and get as accurate of an estimate of the damage as they can. While there's nothing wrong with tackling the adjustment process the way your company always has, you should know that it's possible to use estimate software to make the job of your adjusters much easier and more convenient. Here's why you might want to look into commercial Xactimate estimates software or other software options.

1. Record and Sketch with Ease Right From Your Phone

In the old days, an insurance adjuster would have to sketch an image of the loss site and put down as much information as possible on paper. You still might use these tried and true methods today, and you will likely always have some paperwork to deal with when it comes to the adjustment game.

But once your adjusters all have access to estimate software, it's likely they'll be able to record information right into their smartphone. Most insurance adjuster software programs allow the adjuster to take photos or video right in the app and add it to the claimant's application. The software might also be able to use LIDAR technology to accurately measure or draw a picture of the room, with no need for manual sketching on the part of the adjuster.

2. The App Speeding Everything Up Gives Your Adjusters More Time

Because insurance estimate software can now be taken with you in your pocket from site to site, you'll be able to speed up the process of sketching and recording information, as was just described. This increase in speed means your adjusters will be able to visit more loss sites on any given day because they won't have to spend as long making a manual sketch at each location. This could allow you to serve more customers more quickly, and you'll see a benefit to this both in your bottom line and possibly in your customer satisfaction reviews.

3. Sync with the Cloud and Keep Working at the Office

An insurance estimate application that works on your phone and also your desktop can streamline your entire workflow. You'll be able to upload your estimate from the phone app to the cloud and then download it quickly and easily onto the desktop software back at the office. You'll always have a back up of this valuable information and your adjusters will be able to take care of business no matter where they go in the world

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