Foundation Repairs Your Home Could Need When It's Built On A Slab-On-Grade Rather Than Beams Or A Basement

If your home has a slab foundation that rests on the ground, it may be susceptible to damage from tree roots, soil movement, or freeze and thaw cycles. The signs of foundation damage may not be obvious right away when your home is built on a slab, since the slab is covered by flooring. Here are a few signs your home could need foundation repair and a look at the types of repairs that might be done.

Signs Of Slab Damage

If the slab under your house shifts, that could cause cracks to appear on your walls. Cracks are a sign to take seriously, so you'll want to call a foundation repair contractor right away. You also might notice your windows, doors, and even the flooring aren't level any longer. If the slab is cracked, water might seep through, and that could cause damp flooring or a musty odor in your home.

Foundation Repairs That Could Be Needed

Sunken areas of concrete might be lifted so the slab is level again. If the sunken area cracked off, the cracks can be filled and sealed once the slab is level. A concrete foundation can be raised by pumping cement slurry or expanding foam under the slab. The cement or foam raises the sunken slab and then support and stabilize the slab once the cement or foam has hardened.

This work will entail drilling small holes in the concrete so the leveling mixture can be pumped in. The holes are sealed off when the slab is level. This is one of the less disruptive methods for lifting a sunken slab, but it's not always the right choice for foundation repair. The contractor has to evaluate the damage and type of soil you have first.

This type of foundation repair is useful for filling in voids under the concrete where soil compacted or was washed away. The cement or foam flows into depressions in the soil and then hardens to create a strong level base for the slab to rest on.

More extreme damage might require full access to the slab so the slab can be replaced. In that case, your house will be raised on jacks so the old slab can be removed and a new slab poured in its place. Your contractor may look at all other types of foundation repair first, such as underpinning with piles and brackets before lifting your home and risking damage.

The damage to your home from foundation damage could continue to get worse, and your home could lose its value. Also, your home may not be safe for your family to live in. If you think your home might be in need of foundation repair, call a contractor for an assessment and plan for making repairs.

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