Living With Water Quality Issues? Tips For Improving Your Well Water System

Owning and utilizing a private, residential water well can be very beneficial. Homeowners in this situation save a significant amount of money by avoiding the monthly usage bills associated with public water systems. Additionally, these homeowners can exert more control in monitoring water quality and testing for impurities. 

Like municipal water customers, private well owners may occasionally receive water test results that show the presence of impurities, harmful bacteria, or high levels of minerals, like calcium. Additionally, residential well owners may experience water supply issues or note visual quality issues, such as discoloration of tap water. 

Hard water

When private well water has high levels of calcium and other minerals, it is said to be "hard water." In the home, hard water can quickly damage expensive appliances, like washers, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and icemakers. It can also leave ugly residue on fixtures and scale buildup inside plumping pipes. 

Homeowners who are dealing with hard water can choose from a number of solutions, including a whole house filtration system or the use of a water softening system. 

Bacteria counts

Homeowners who have tested their well water and found that harmful bacteria counts are above accepted levels will want to explore options for correcting the situation. If the problem is related to a well that has been idle for a long period or one that has been impacted by flooding, the well may need to be shocked to kill the bacteria. 

Shocking a well typically involves adding a special bleach solution to the opening of the well and then allowing the well to continuously pump water for several hours. If high bacteria counts are an ongoing problem, homeowners may want to consider adding filtration systems or a purification system that uses an ultraviolet light to provide a more lasting solution.

Discoloration of water or water supply issues

Residential water well owners who suddenly notice that the stream of water coming from their tap is reduced or discolored may be dealing with a number of serious issues, such as pressure tank or pump maintenance issues or even problems with a diminished water table. 

Mineral content can also create discoloration issues. For example, high iron content in well water can cause water to appear rusty or reddish in color and high sulfur content can cause water to appear cloudy or have a yellowish cast. 

Problems relating to a falling water table, the maintenance of the well's components, or any serious water quality concerns will need to be diagnosed and corrected by a professional well water system maintenance contractor. Homeowners experiencing any of these problems may need to refrain from using their well water system until the problems have been successfully addressed. 

For more information about well maintenance, talk to a contractor in your area like those at Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning.

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