Protecting Your Equipment With Custom Insulation Blankets

Insulation blankets can be a useful tool for protecting important equipment and piping. To ensure that you are getting the best thermal performance from your insulation blankets, it is necessary to have a few basic pieces of information about these tools.

Will It Be Difficult To Find Insulation Blankets That Fit Oddly Shaped Equipment?

There are many pieces of equipment that have odd shapes. These pieces of equipment still need to be protected against temperature extremes. Unfortunately, the shape of the equipment may make it difficult to use a standard-sized insulation blanket. Luckily, custom insulation blankets can be made to provide an effective fit around these pieces of equipment. To have this type of insulation blanket made, you will need to take accurate measurements of the equipment.

Are Insulation Blankets Permanently Attached To Equipment?

An important advantage of insulation blankets is that they can be easily removed. This may be necessary when you need to service or repair the equipment. Many of these blankets have Velcro or other adhesive materials that can be used to hold the insulation blanket in place. However, you may also want to use additional straps to secure the blanket. This is particularly useful for insulation blankets that will be used outdoors so the wind doesn't blow them away. Equipment that moves or generates substantial vibrations may also benefit from these additional anchors so that the insulation blanket does not gradually loosen.

Can Insulation Blankets Be Used Outdoors?

Often, equipment that is outside is the most vulnerable to potentially damaging temperature extremes. Fortunately, insulation blankets are capable of being used in outdoor settings. However, it is important to make sure that you are using waterproof insulation blankets. Otherwise, they will likely become soaked whenever it rains, and this could lead to damage occurring due to the blanket trapping moisture against the equipment. In addition to being resistant to absorbing water, water-resistant insulation blankets are also made of materials that can dry more quickly. Together, these benefits make it essential to choose this type of insulation blanket for your outdoor needs.

Insulation blankets are valuable tools for regulating the temperature of important equipment. However, if these blankets are not used in an effective way, it could be possible for them to be fairly ineffective at reducing heat loss or gain. Appreciating the option of custom insulation blankets, the need to effectively secure the blankets to the equipment, and the benefits of using waterproof insulation blankets can help you with protecting your critical pieces of equipment.

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