Installing Glass Shower Doors Requires These XX Decisions

As with any time you hire a contractor, putting in glass shower doors will lead to some points where you'll have to make decisions. It's good to know what these will be in advance so you can make informed choices. Let's explore four of the big ones you'll want to study before determining how to proceed with your project.

Framed, Frameless, or Semi-Less

When it comes to shower doors, framing refers to the use of metal materials to hold the panels in place. The frameless style provides a very modern and chic look, especially if you want a shower that isn't boxed into part of the bathroom. Notably, it's more expensive than the alternatives. A framed shower door will have visible trim lines, but it'll be cheaper. Semi-frameless models provide an in-between option for both price and style.


You'll also have to decide how the show doors ought to open. A sliding door is a common solution, especially for smaller showers and bathrooms. The door operates on rollers at the top of the enclosure, and these attach to a metal frame. As you might guess, the roller model is not an option for frameless doors.

There are also models that swing open. If you have a very large shower, you might even opt for a double-door style that opens from the center.


Some folks prefer privacy, and others assume the bathroom door will do the job well enough. If you want privacy, you'll likely go with a frosted style. Acid etching is the standard process for frosting, and the net effect is to blur anything behind the door.

Patterns are another privacy option. These often include artistic elements to add a sense of design. Tinted doors represent a further option. If you want to play with colors, tinting is an ideal choice. Clear glass doors are also available. You'll probably want to use a type of door that matches any surrounding glass from the larger shower enclosure.


Surface treatments are necessary to make shower doors cleanable. Treatments also minimize damage from corrosive elements that may exist in the water, such as chlorine or salts.

Some types of glass require sealants, but others come pretreated from the factory. It's a good idea to ask the installers about whether and how the doors will require treatment. You'll also want to discuss what sorts of cleaning products are appropriate for the treatment and glass to avoid doing any harm.

For more information on glass shower doors, contact a company near you.

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