4 Signs You Might Need A Residential Foundation Repair Services

A house's foundation often looks too sturdy to suffer from damage. Contrary to this common belief, a house's foundation is equally as fragile as any other part of a structure in your home if neglected. While you probably don't give much thought to the foundation, it is probably time you learned about the warning signs of foundation problems to get them fixed on time. Here are signs to look out for to schedule a residential foundation repair service on time.

1. Crooked Window and Door Frames

Weak foundations are prone to shift over time. As they move, the windows and doors might appear crooked. Your doors may suddenly fail to open or close as smoothly as before. You'll notice that they produce unusual creaking or squealing noises when opening and closing.

Call a contractor to inspect the condition of your foundation. A sinking basement floor might lead to uneven window ledges and door frames. The contractor might recommend reinforcing the basement to stop the shift.

2. Cracks on Walls

If your foundation fails to support the weight of the entire house, it might start developing cracks. The sign might be accompanied by a sagging ceiling and bulging walls. Cracks may also be a result of poor soil quality. The bigger the cracks, the riskier it is to leave the situation unattended.

Huge cracks on the walls threaten your home's structural integrity and create the perfect entry points for water and pests to invade your home. Before the problem worsens, consider scheduling a residential foundation repair.

3. Water Damage

Excess moisture seeping into the foundation walls creates significant problems. For example, the surfaces might start to bulge over time. You may notice peeling paint and stains along the concrete surfaces. The contractor might discover efflorescence during the inspection, which signals a weak foundation. The white substance forms after the salts and chemicals in concrete binders react with moisture. The contactor will waterproof the foundation after repairing cracks or damage.

4. Sinking Floors

A floor should naturally be even if the foundation is stable. When you notice that one side seems to be sinking or water tends to settle at a central spot, this is a cause for concern. If left unaddressed, your foundation could be at risk of collapsing. Therefore, you need a foundation contractor to inspect the extent of damage and recommend a suitable solution.

Many homeowners notice foundation damage when the issue is out of hand. However, it's smart to do a routine inspection to look out for worrying signs of a failing foundation. If you have noticed any foundation issues, take action immediately and improve safety in your home. 

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