Need Septic Service? How To Prepare For The Service Call

If you need to have your septic tank pumped, take time to prepare for the project. Septic pumping is a straightforward process, but it does need planning. This is especially true if you want to avoid complications. One way to prepare for your service call is to uncover your septic tanks. That way, the area is ready before your service providers arrive. This step saves you time and money. Another step is to have your drains cleaned before servicing your septic system. Here are three other steps to help you prepare for septic tank pumping. 

Document Septic Issues

Now that you're ready to schedule septic service, you want to document any problems you might be having with the system. Documentation makes it easier for your septic service provider to address those issues during their service call. Some issues to report include sewage backups, and sluggish toilets. You should also document any unusual puddles you find in the yard. These can be signs of serious septic problems. 

Know Your Septic Tank

If you bought an existing home instead of building your own, and you've never had the septic serviced before, try to do your homework. You want to gather as much information as you can about your septic tanks. This is especially important where the material is concerned. Different materials require different methods for pumping. If you're not sure what type of septic system you have, be sure to tell your septic service provider. That way, they can take appropriate safety precautions. Without those precautions, your septic system could collapse. This is especially true if your older home has a cesspool instead of a septic system. 

Wait for the Right Time

If you need to have your septic tanks pumped, make sure you wait for the right time. You might think you can schedule your septic service for any day of the year. But that's not always the case. This is especially true during the rainy season. If your yard has recently flooded, it's a good idea to wait until all the standing water absorbs into the soil. Otherwise, you could run into problems with the service, especially if you have plastic holding tanks. Plastic holding tanks don't weigh as much as concrete tanks. That means they'll be even lighter once they're emptied. If there's still standing water in your yard, your empty tanks could tip over underground. If that happens, you could be looking at significant repair costs. To avoid that, talk to your septic pumping service provider about soil conditions before scheduling your service call. 

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