Common Maintenance Your Commercial Roofing Membrane Needs

Commercial roofing needs regular monitoring and repairs so your building is protected from a roof leak. No matter what type of roof you have, it could be damaged by a storm, animals, or just old age. Membrane roofing can wear down to due sun exposure or foot traffic on the building. Here's a look at the maintenance procedures your commercial membrane roof might need. 

Remove Debris To Prevent Roof Damage

You might need your maintenance personnel to go on your roof occasionally and clear off fallen branches, leaves, and other blown debris. Debris can't fall off a flat roof like it can on a roof with a slope. The debris might trap water on the roof, attract pests, or damage the membrane, so it should be removed regularly.

Another reason to keep debris off of the roof is that the membrane might puncture if someone steps on a small rock or twig that's on the roof. Rain will leak through the holes and get soaked up by the insulation boards. If that happens, the leak might eventually cause rain to drip inside your building.

Check The Old Repairs, Flashing, And Seams

The commercial roofing contractor will also look for loose seams since the seams are vulnerable parts of the roof. Sheets of membrane roofing are attached to each other by seaming them together. Previous repair patches are seamed to the roof, and flashing is seamed to the roof and protrusions. If any of these seams work loose, they let rain leak under the membrane, so gaps in seams need to stay sealed to keep out the rain.

Remove Dams That Block Water

If contractors or your crew work on the roof, be sure they don't leave anything on the roof or alter the roof in any way that could block water flow toward the roof drain. Even placing a repair patch on the roof might create a slight dip that allows the water to stand on the roof.

Some types of commercial roofing membranes tolerate pooling water better than others, but it's best to eliminate dams so the water drains rather than sitting on the roof. Even small amounts of water can attract pests or increase the risk of a roof leak.

You may want your maintenance team to check your roof regularly and you may also want to bring in a commercial roofing company one or two times a year for a more thorough inspection of your roof. Early repairs mean a lower risk of extensive roof damage, lower cost for repairs, and a longer life for your roof.

Contact a local roofing contractor service, such as United Contracting Group, to learn more. 

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