Are You Considering Excavating Your Residential Foundation? Here's What You Need To Know

If you need residential foundation excavation, there are numerous things to consider before making your decision to excavate. In the beginning stages, it is important to understand the underlying problem that has prompted you to consider this option. If you explore various solutions with your contractor, they can provide you with information regarding state codes and regulations, as well as help determine if one option over another is most suitable for your situation.

What Is Causing the Foundation to Fail?

Foundation failure is often caused by soil composition. If you have sandy soil, then you are more likely to have problems with your foundation. The reason for this is that sand is more susceptible to erosion and other problems. If you have clay soil, then it will expand over time and push up against foundations, causing cracks in the walls and slabs. You should install a drainage system around your home to help deal with these problems.

Another common cause of foundation failure is poor drainage around your home or building. This can lead to water seeping into cracks in your walls and causing them to crack or crumble over time.

What Are the Benefits of Excavating?

The main benefit of excavating your foundation is that it allows you to correct any drainage problems in your yard or basement. You may have noticed that water pools in your yard after heavy rain or that water drains out of your basement windows during heavy storms. This may be because there are cracks in your foundation walls or because the ground around your home has become uneven due to erosion and roots.

Excavation can also help prevent future damage to your home's structure and foundation walls by ensuring they are properly drained so they don't flood during heavy rains or snow melt from winter storms.

Is Any Drainage Required with Excavation?

Yes! One of the most important aspects of excavating your residential foundation is proper drainage. This prevents water from sitting on top of your exposed foundation walls and causing further damage through erosion or frost heave (which can cause the concrete wall to crack). If water cannot drain away from the area quickly enough, it will freeze during the winter months and expand, causing further damage.

While excavating your residential foundation may seem like an overwhelming task, there are many benefits associated with this process that can make it well worth it in the end.

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