3 Things You Need To Know When Selecting A Well Water Treatment System

Residences that receive their water via private wells don't have a municipal treatment plant to treat their water supply. Instead, homeowners must invest in a well water treatment system that will filter out any unwanted substances.

Selecting the right treatment system is vital to the efficiency and performance of your well over time. Here are three things that you need to know before you can determine which type of treatment system will best meet your filtration needs.

1. Well Water Chemistry

The first thing you need to know when selecting a treatment system for your water is the chemistry of the water within your well.

Every treatment system will have a unique range of contaminants that it is capable of eliminating from a water supply. If your water's chemistry falls outside these parameters, the treatment system won't be as effective as it could be.

You can invest in a water analysis to determine the exact type and concentration of substances within your well water so that you can find a treatment system that will address these substances with ease.

2. Well Pump Flow Rate

Your private well is equipped with a pump that helps to move water from underground reserves into the pipes in your home. You need to identify the flow rate of your specific pump before you can select an effective treatment system.

The pump flow rate can have a direct effect on the performance of a treatment system. The pump rate is measured in gallons per minute. Your pump must have a flow rate that meets the required minimum stated on a treatment system in order to keep the system clean.

An oversized treatment system could result in a loss of water pressure inside your home, while an undersized system won't be able to filter out all undesirable substances. Use your pump's flow rate to help you determine the correct treatment system size for your home.

3. Pump System Design

The design of your well's pump system can also play a determining factor when it comes to selecting a water treatment system.

Most wells rely on a submersible pump or a jet pump that sits on top of the ground. It is common for residential pump systems to feature a pressure tank that helps to increase water pressure to the desired level.

If your pump system does have a pressure tank, you will need a treatment system that filters the water after it has been processed through the tank to avoid any significant pressure loss.

to learn more, contact a water system maintenance service in your area.

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