Louver Patio Covers

A cover that contains louvers will allow you to control how much sunlight and fresh air is filtered into your outdoor patio area. A cover offers wind and rain protection. A contractor can build a louver cover that will adequately supply the amount of coverage that you will need to enjoy the time you spend outdoors.

Cover Designs

A cover that contains louvers is constructed out of rigid materials. A cover may contain plastic, glass, aluminum, and other nonporous materials. Unlike a fabric cover, which may fade or not retain its shape, a rigid cover will maintain its appearance and physical properties. Cover designs include sloped, L-shaped, and flat formats.

A contractor will provide details about the framing materials, louvers, and glass or plastic panels that can be added to the design of a cover. Louvers are designed to be manually or mechanically opened and closed. A cover may contain a hand crank, which will prompt the slats to open and close. A model that relies upon a mechanical opening and closing method may require the use of an electrical device.


Your patio may be somewhere you enjoy spending time while grilling out or soaking up the sun. You should determine how much sun, wind, and rain protection you are seeking. A cover can contain clear or tinted louvers. A cover can be designed to outline your entire patio or a portion of it.

If a series of tinted louvers are going to be added to a cover, you may decide to have a new cover installed over a part of the patio where the sun has been problematic. If all-over coverage is desired, but you do not want to block sunlight, you can choose a larger cover design that contains translucent plastic or glass louvers.


A patio cover can be used year-round. Because a rigid cover will be constructed of materials that can withstand force, keeping a new cover cleaned will only require that it is occasionally rinsed off with water. The type of materials that are used to construct a cover may be indicative of how much staining or dirty debris you will need to deal with.

A framework or louver design that contains many crevices may require that a commercial cleanser and scrub brush are used to remove dirty substances from the patio cover. A patio cover contractor can provide information about how a cover should be properly cared for.

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