Is Your Commercial Foundation Failing? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

Your building's foundation ensures your commercial property's stability and structural integrity. So, if the foundation fails, that jeopardizes the safety of your building, and in severe cases, your commercial building may collapse.

The secret to avoiding such unpleasant surprises is understanding the telltale signs of a failing concrete foundation so that you can take timely action before minor problems escalate. Discover some signs that it's time to consult commercial concrete foundation repair specialists.

1. Cracks

Concrete foundation exterior or interior cracks are the most obvious indicator of a failing foundation. The cracks appear on different building parts, such as walls or foundation slabs. The cracks may be vertical or horizontal, depending on the cause.

Vertical cracks may signify poor foundation settling and are a more common concern. On the other hand, horizontal cracks in the foundation walls may signal a more severe issue, such as water damage due to plumbing issues.

2. Sinking Foundation

Sinking or settling issues may signify that one side of your building is sinking lower than the other. The problem may be due to inadequate compaction of soil or the use of weak materials during construction, leading to structural instability.

A sinking foundation may necessitate a lifting, or piers, process to remedy the situation. Contact experienced commercial concrete foundation repair contractors who can inspect your building and recommend a suitable solution.

3. Broken Windows and Doors

The foundation doesn't just affect the structure of your building but can also lead to the misalignment of windows and doors. For example, if the foundation is sinking unevenly, that may cause the frames of these openings to bow and lean inwards or outwards.

Therefore, if you notice you are using more effort to open and close doors or windows, you may need to call a concrete services specialist.

4. Flooring Problems

Your foundation supports the entire structure of your commercial building. So, if your foundation is failing, the floors may become uneven.

Other problems due to foundation failure include warped wooden floors, cracked ceramic tiles, and buckled carpets. Your floor may also appear saggy and or like its dipping.

Floor problems are not just a nuisance; they can also be hazardous by increasing the risk of tripping and falling. So, take proactive measures and contact an experienced commercial concrete foundation repair specialist to diagnose the issue.

Understanding the signs of a failing concrete foundation empowers you to take timely action and prevent more severe problems. So, if your building exhibits any of the above signs, contact commercial concrete foundation services contractors immediately for inspection and repairs. 

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