How To Steer Clear Of These 5 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Bathroom remodeling projects are fun. However, the excitement of beautifying a bathroom and improving its functionality means that homeowners often overlook some major mistakes in the process. You should know about these five common mistakes and how to steer clear of each.

Wrong Materials

A bathroom is frankly a mold incubator if you use the wrong materials. People use a lot of tile in bathrooms for a reason, and it's because tile is an easy-to-clean material. Even if your design will have excellent ventilation, avoid things like wallpaper that can serve as moisture sponges. No material should go into a bathroom unless you can easily clean it.

Overlooking the Utilities

People often look at bathroom renovations and figure there's no need to worry about the plumbing and wiring. This is the perfect time to pay attention to the utilities. You have a chance to remove old pipes and replace them with modern flexible systems. Contractors find these easier to route. Also, the newer materials are far more corrosion-resistant than old metal pipes.

You should also consider upgrading the electrical and lighting systems. Installing a ground-fault system in the bathroom, for example, can significantly reduce electrocution hazards around the sink. Also, an upgraded lighting setup can be easier on your eyes and reduce your long-term electricity bills.

Ignoring Resale Value

Most people sell their houses at some point. As fun as it might be to install certain features in a bathroom, you need to bear in mind that the bathroom is one of the first things potential buyers check out. Never install any features that might negatively affect the resale value. If you can't paint over or remove something highly personalized or odd in a single afternoon, then it's best to not install it.

Not Emphasizing Layout

Lots of bathrooms feel like rectangular spaces where people have toilets, showers, and sinks. However, the layout matters. Folks doing bathroom renovations have the chance to design the layout to their liking. If you never found enough storage for your towels in the old bathroom, this is the time to fix that problem. Does the door come too close to the glass of the shower assembly for your liking? Seize the opportunity and make the layout better.

Exploding Budget

As you move ahead with a bathroom remodeling plan, it's easy to tack on ideas. You need to set a budget early and stick to it. Figure out how much cash and financing you're committing, and then only allow something like a 10% overhead to deal with emergencies.

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