3 Reasons Steel Warehouses Offer A Quick Return On Investment

New commercial and industrial construction projects often represent large capital investments. These projects can take months or years and involve numerous stakeholders, including business investors and local government officials. With such a large initial outlay of funds and time, most stakeholders will want to see the quickest possible return on investment.

For warehouse structures, quick turnaround time is particularly important. The sooner you can use your structure to store and distribute goods, the more quickly you can utilize this new building as a core part of your business operations. Keep reading to learn three ways steel construction can help you achieve these goals, ensuring a quick return on investment for your warehouse project. 

1. Rapid Planning and Construction Timelines

Steel structures often use numerous pre-fabricated parts, allowing builders to manufacture large structural components off-site and transport them to your building location. These pre-fabricated framing components can save time during construction, but they also simplify your structure's planning and design phase.

For moderately sized structures, commercial construction projects can take as long as six months. This relatively lengthy building process means that saving time at any stage can be beneficial and help you achieve a quicker return on your initial investment. By cutting down your planning needs, you can potentially reduce your overall construction timeline and get your new warehouse operational sooner.

2. Design Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of steel construction is its flexibility. Steel structures are incredibly strong, which also makes them versatile. Steel frames typically require fewer vertical supports or columns due to their higher strength, allowing for the creation of larger and more open interior spaces.

This advantage makes steel structures incredibly well-suited to warehouses, which require plenty of open floor space and minimal interior divisions. However, these flexible interior spaces also mean you can more easily reconfigure your building's interior. If your business requirements change shortly after construction, you can more easily reconfigure the interior without impacting your bottom line.

3. Minimal Maintenance Needs

Of course, your operational costs also impact your break-even point. High fixed costs will increase the time it takes for your new structure to return its initial investment by cutting into any potential revenue it generates. Fortunately, steel buildings require relatively little maintenance. Their long lifespan also means you can amortize your initial construction costs over a longer period.

As a result, you can more quickly reach break-even or profitability with a steel warehouse compared to other materials or construction methods. Even better, these minimal maintenance costs will continue to provide you with lower fixed operation costs well beyond the point where your warehouse returns its initial investment.

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